Episode #026: Mike McCarthy | Underground Film Maker

Fueled by sleek rockabilly  and driven by a love for comics, Elvis, and wrestling, Mike McCarthy is passionate about you, Memphis. Share in his zeal for drive-in movies, the Coliseum, and plans for a short film about fighting for survival in a dystopian future.

Time-Warp Drive In
The Roundhouse Revival – Coliseum Coalition – Facebook page

WAIF – Kickstarter

Waif, a telekinetic teenage robot-fighter survives a crashed spaceship and the death of her little sister at an old abandoned drive-in.

Stan Lee
Ellis Island
Jacob Kurtzberg aka Jack Kirby
Bob Kane
Myth in comics/life – if you’re over 50, can’t get a job

Memphis and Rock’n’Roll

“I’m the most optimistic cynic you’ll ever meet” – Mike
“I’d rather lose in Memphis than succeed somewhere else.”

Fantastic Four
Johnny Storm is black
Sue Storm
Reed Richards
Elastic Man
Plastic Man [disclaimer, he didn’t kill anyone or threaten the Universe, but Batman, in a room of superheroes, says Plastic Man was the most powerful person there, as well Catgirl describes him as being: “Immeasurably powerful. Absolutely nuts.” Check out that incredible list of powers. / Leave to Frank Miller to add some real grit to a character.
Jack Cole
Silver Surfer
Original Superman Origin
Jerry Siegel (writer)
Joe Shuster (artist)
Adventure Time
Kurt Vonnegut
Ride of the Valkyries
FF4 issue#88

“Adults stay children and children grow up too soon.”

Lord of the Rings movies
The Hobbit Trilogy
Pre-King Kong movie

Time Warp Drive-in
“It’s an excuse to take my family to the drive-in and do something together one night out of the month where we do something together.”

Black Lodge Video

Kacky Walton – “Checking on the Arts.”
WKNO 91.1

Time Warp Drive-In – Quintessentially Quentin
April 18th at the Malco Summer Drive-In

Malco Movie theaters

Stanley Kubrick
Clockwork Orange
“The sun’s coming up on man and me at the same time.”
“Dusk to Dawn of man.”

May – Super swingin’ 60’s night
Danger Diabolic
Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine

June – Future Shock Night
Cheech & Chong
Reefer Madness

Fritz the Cat
Heavy Metal
Iron Giant
Roger Rabbit

Future Shock Night
Escape from New York
Road Warrior
Repo Man

August 15th – Dusk to Dawn Spaghetti Western Buffet
Ciao Bella – catering
The Good the Bad and the Ugly
Charro w/Elvis Death week
Duck you Sucker – James Coburn

French def – A sad eyed war orphaned female who has waved her rights to society

Cigarette Girl
Cory Dials

Frank Miller’s Batman & Robin

Jim Danforth – “The poor man’s Ray Harryhausen.”
When Dinosaurs Rule the Earth
One Million Years B.C.
Waif played by Morgana Prewett
6.5K Budget – “How are you doing that?” – ALeb | “It’s easy. I can make something out of nothing.” – Mike

Elvis Presley
Captain Marvel Jr. (comic)
33 Movies

Elvis and Russian youth
Punk Rock
The Bride of Frankenstein
The Ramones – Sheena was a punk rocker
Will Rogers
That’s Alright by Elvis

Southwest Twin on 3rd St.
“4233 is a great address because 42 is the year Elvis died and 33 is the year Christ died.”

Cross Roads – Robert Johnson

The Coliseum
Landers Areana in MS

Hannah Star & the Teenage teenagers
Java Cabana – Sundays at 1:30pm

Humphrey’s Coliseum in Starkville, MS to see Jack White

Cooper Young
Memphis Record Labels
Larry Finch v Bill Walton

Round House Revival
Lawler vs Bill Dundee
Hannah Star & the Teenage teenagers
Popastop’s westcoast turn around
Mark Edgar Stuart
The Randy Band
The Rivercity Tanlines
Hope Clayburn
LeeLee Bee
Iron Mike Coalition
Morris the Funkmaster & the total pakcage band
“I’m 50 years old. I can go out on a night on the town, I think the Coliseum could too.”
New Olivet Baptist Gospel Choir

Edwin Circle
Orange Mound
Cooper Young
“If you wanna go to the show, you walk to the show. It’s a neighboorhood arena.

Liberty Land
Zippin Pippin

Coliseum History
James Brown – 14 times
The Beatles

Ellis Auditorium
Sputnick Monroe

“It’s not really a race issue, it’s a class issue.”

People’s History of the United States by Howard Zen

“We don’t need anything put over there that’s going to further segregate people. We need to bring everybody together and the Coliseum is a symbol, not only of that, but of political transparency in an election year.”
“If you don’t like what’s goin on, this is an election year. Don’t be fooled into thinking you don’t make a difference.”
“If you want the Coliseum to survive, then find the politician that says he[she] wants it to survive and back that person.”

Punk rock and the Antenna Club

Newtown Place by Robert Archibald

“Every film that I’ve ever seen that was shot in Memphis as aback drop they wanted to show us the gritty places, the ghettoized places.”

“Art comes from the ghetto. Art comes from those places, for better or worse.”

“Art never came from a shiny glass steel structure.”

Brewery Untapped
Sears to Crosstown Concourse

Coliseum Crushers

Coliseum Coalition Facebook Page

“That’s why I moved here, to enjoy culture. I don’t want my culture taken away from me.” – Mike

STAX charter school


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