Episode #025: Shane McDermott, Illustrator | MCA

Hailing from parts beyond man the last son of Krypton has landed in Memphis with the goals of instructing art, creating personal stories, and protecting our fair city from the likes of the Legion of Doom. Shane has illustrated for the Commercial Appeal and McGraw Hill and is nearing the end of his M.F.A. whilst finalizing a graphic novel to be published after his masterful graduation. He also instructs at the Memphis College of Art; you’ll get to hear about his evolution of  teaching,trying to move past perfection, and the potato he used to draw all the time. Comics, Star Wars, and more lies within.

Shane’s Blog
Memphis College of Art


GI Joe

Still Life

Northwest Community College

Memphis College of Art

“Fat Pirate” Shane

Alex Ross


Humberto Ramos

Joel Priddy

The Commercial Appeal

McGraw Hill

Educational Comics

The key to getting hired as an instructor for art? Bonus points for being a professional in the field you’d be instructing for.

Impostor Syndrome

Image Comics

Joss Whedon
JW’s Much Ado About Nothing

Memphis Roller Derby

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