Episode #027: Leni Stoeva | Creative Placemaker

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Leni Stoeva is excited to be a part of the growing change in Soulsville of Memphis through her role as Creative Place Maker at Community Lift. Born in Bulgaria and raised in Memphis, TN, she works on programming art related events in the area as well as social and historical neighborhood activities in the soon to be music district that is Soulsville, USA.

Community Lift

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Episode #026: Mike McCarthy | Underground Film Maker

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Fueled by sleek rockabilly  and driven by a love for comics, Elvis, and wrestling, Mike McCarthy is passionate about you, Memphis. Share in his zeal for drive-in movies, the Coliseum, and plans for a short film about fighting for survival in a dystopian future.

Time-Warp Drive In
The Roundhouse Revival – Coliseum Coalition – Facebook page

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