Episode #027: Leni Stoeva | Creative Placemaker

Leni Stoeva is excited to be a part of the growing change in Soulsville of Memphis through her role as Creative Place Maker at Community Lift. Born in Bulgaria and raised in Memphis, TN, she works on programming art related events in the area as well as social and historical neighborhood activities in the soon to be music district that is Soulsville, USA.

Community Lift


Miriam Decosta-Willis
Fannie Mitchell Delk
Homespun Images: An Anthology of Black Memphis Writers and Artists

South Memphis


Elevator pitch

Booker T High School
Gaston Community Center

Michael Hildebrand
Harvest Creative

Allegory of the cave

Stax Music Academy


Broad Ave Arts District

National Endowments for the Arts + Creative Place Making

Arts Place

The Slim House

Knowledge Quest

Memphis Music Magnet
The Memphis Music Foundation

Cannon Center
Levitt Shell

Fayetville, Ark

Lafayette Music Room
Lipsomb Pitts

Aretha Franklin house
Booker T’s house

The Pinch District
High Cotton

The Green Leaf


McDonald’s self serve kiosks

TED Talks
TED Radio Hour
Ron Finley – Ecolutionary


Peabody Group

Memphis College of Art (MCA)

Ida B. Wells

Its is the realist / Memphis is the realist (T-shirt)

Miriam Decosta-Willis
You get the blues in twos
When you be living like I be living
In Memphis Tennessee


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