Episode #074: Victoria Jones, The CLTV

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In this episode Victoria Jones of The CLTV talks about her passion to fight for representation of African American artists and how they are uplifting and empowering the city’s Black community through thoughtful and creative interactions.
Who is The CLTV? The CLTV is an art organization dedicated to providing a platform to African American artists within the city. Through art based programming, workshops, and community building efforts we employ the use of creative expression as a vehicle to shift our culture towards positive growth, creativity, and strength.

Vice.com interview

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Memphis Type History – the podcast

And we’re back with a very special release because today you’ll be hearing the very first podcast episode from the wonderful ladies over at Memphis Type History, Caitlin Horton and Rebecca Phillips. You may remember them from our previous conversation on Episode 41. Well the paintings, blog, and book are expanding into a weekly podcast where they’ll explore, in bite-sized chunks, the history behind many of Memphis’ iconic landmarks.

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Episode #067: Diane Thornton, Speaker, activist, artist

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In this episode, Diane Thornton shares her process of designing from condoms, her history as a speaker, social activist, model and artist, and encourages saying the word abortion; she does this, all while living with early onset Alzheimer’s. This episode highly features the event Condomonium held by Choices.
Saturday, April 15th at 7 PM – 10 PM at Playhouse on the Square.
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