Creative Memphis Podcast is an every other week talk-podcast with hosts Billy Nation and Andrew Lebowitz, featuring a guest from the Memphis creative scene. The listener gets to hear about the guest’s history, body of work, and perspectives on creativity all in relation to Memphis. Guests are varied, though relate to the design field, culinary industry, photography, art, or add to Memphis culture in some way. The audio podcasts are typically an hour in length and include conversations about design, entertaining, art, creative history, and cultural generators in the greater Memphis area.

Billy Nation | Designer | Podcaster | Photographer | Billy prizes being an all around content generator with multiple outlets for creative energy. The power of the idea and the moment of hope as a project begins keeps him burning mental fuel into every hour of the day.


Ahhhah, we’re talking about ‘what is art’ again.

Andrew Lebowtiz – Co-founder/retired, a designer and a firm believer in the power of creativity to make the world a better place. His passion is to bring the worlds of creative problem solving, design, and business together to help create meaningful products and experiences.

Yay, we’re talking about ‘what is art’ again.

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