Episode #042: Brit McDaniel | Paper & Clay

Brit McDaniel’s Paper & Clay pottery evokes mid-century modern Scandinavian minimalism wrapped up in useful life style accessories. She advocates for raising the level of quality Memphis creatives are known for. Having taken her own winding road to find that path fuels Brit’s drive for progress.

Memphis Indie Holiday Market
Saturday, December 12 at 11:00am – 5:00pm
Muddy’s Grind House

Billy: “To be the best, you must be able to handle the worst” – Wilson Kanadi
Andrew: “A jug fills drop by drop” – Buddha

I’ve created this sort of mobile baking greenhouse that rolls around my studio @brit_mcdaniel

It’s scary, when you haven’t done it, to think about paying someone @brit_mcdaniel

There are things I can pay someone else to do that can free up my time @brit_mcdaniel

Check out @Gusto for your business payroll needs! #businessaintthatbad – Ep42 w/ @witzcreative http://Bit.ly/CMPtw

You have to figure out how to add things that take other things away @witzcreative

I can finally myself time to dig in, and be creative, and create one amazing prototype @brit_mcdaniel

When you’re obligated to make the same thing over and over again it takes the fun out of it @brit_mcdaniel

I’m a #sortofperfectionist, If I’m gonna do it I’m gonna it really well… if I’m gonna do it @brit_mcdaniel #selectiveperfectionism

Some people waited 4 months for their order. That was a big wake up call for me @brit_mcdaniel #handmade #youknowImakethisallbyhandright?

Every day is practice. Tomorrow you get to learn from the mistakes you made today – Ep42 w/ @witzcreative http://Bit.ly/CMPtw

Don’t meet your heroes – Ep42 w/ @witzcreative http://Bit.ly/CMPtw #welcometocorporateamerica #youworkforusnow

I basically worked for an entire month and bought all these materials and it was another month before I got paid @brit_mcdaniel #net30 #startupstruggles

There are some big companies out there reaching out to smaller brands, and through trial and error are working the kinks out @brit_mcdaniel

If your work gets ripped off, please stand up for yourself. Unless it’s Joe Shmoe down the street, don’t worry about that guy @brit_mcdaniel #standupforyourself

Some people will never pay $12 for a coffee mug, but for some people objects are meaningful and something to be valued and experienced @brit_mcdaniel

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