Episode #041: Rebecca Phillips & Caitlin Horton, Memphis Type History

Memphis Type History started as illustrated paintings which lead to a successful Kickstarter which lead to a book deal, but that changes! Listen from the fabulous ladies of Memphis Type, Rebecca Phillips & Caitlin Horton, on that evolution and the serendipity there after. The typography of Memphis has a story to tell and so do Rebecca and Caitlin.
Memphis Type History
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Memphis Indie Holiday Market
Saturday, December 12at 11:00am – 5:00pm
Muddy’s Grind House

Andrew “Eighty percent of success is showing up” – Woody Allen
Billy “May you live every day of your life” – Jonathan Swift

How do you deal with end of year #burnout? @creativememphis

Three ways to deal with burnout: 1) Let it happen, 2) Focus on the deadline, 3) Re-evaluate your situation @witzcreative

If you have all the time in the world, strive for perfection @witzcreative

Put your energy into your work full force @witzcreative

It’s a good time to spend the rest of the year re-evaluating, what makes you excited to get up in the morning? @witzcreative

Be sure to check out the Memphis Indie Holiday Market @muddysgrind

Are you pursuing any creative endeavours? Hit us up and let us help spread the word #keepitcreative #creativememphis #makingithappen

Buffet restaurants next to buffet restaurants #alabama #buffetheaven @chronoscrow

Be sure to check out the creative foodtalk podcast, er I mean Creative Memphis Podcast with Memphis Type History @rebecca and @caitlin

Does anybody else remember chicken fries? @rebecca @witzcreative

Anybody want to go check out the Mosquito festival in Texas? @rebecca

Love got me married, marriage brought be to Hazard, Kentucky, and Hazard brought me to Memphis @rebecca

Texas has the Mosquito festival, Kentucky has the black gold festival, what is Memphis’ festival? @chronoscrow

English is the only language I know, unfortunately I’m not very good at it @rebecca

It’s a true test to a partnership when you can work together and not kill each other @chronoscrow

I need a life coach… or maybe just some ritalin I don’t know @witzcreative

I’m not gonna tell you stop, but by the end of this you may want to stop anyway @rebecca @caitlin

Shout out to the ladies of @Hemline Design @rebecca

Shout out to @Harvest Creative @rebecca

Shout out to @Love Pop Soda Shop @rebecca

@witzcreative, How do you feel about #competition, @rebecca What do you mean, like, how many people I’ve killed? #designmercenary

Someone’s gonna work with you or not work with you because they jive with your personality or your method @caitlin

The ambiance of Memphis, trains and planes @caitllin

What area in Memphis isn’t directly under the @FedEx flight path @witzcreative

We are artists, we specialize in bullshit @chronoscrow

So you had six months to do it, how bad did you procrastinate? @witzcreative @caitlin @rebecca

Be story driven, it’s all about the stories @caitlin

Some of these landmarks don’t exist anymore #MemphisTypeHistory @rebecca

Have you seen the stripper ghost? @rebecca

I missed my calling as a jingle writer @witzcreative

I walked in and the guy I had been looking for just walked out @rebecca

The former life of Memphis Type History, A History of Strip clubs in Memphis #myhowthingschange #creativeprocess @caitlin

The only drama with the whole thing was that we ended up self publishing @caitlin

Interested in self publishing? Listen to @caitlin and @rebecca talk about how they got Memphis Type History going

Don’t oversaturate or over work yourself @chronoscrow

shout out to everyone who went to @stockandbell and bought Memphis Type History @rebecca

Memphis Type History has entered phase 2: Merchandise @caitlin

Memphis Type History business lessons: Have a partner @rebecca

It’s important to have a partner who compliments your skillset @rebecca

Always on the look out for some unique co-oppurtunities @caitlin

Steal like an artist @caitlin

I may not know english, but I know my syllables @rebecca

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