Episode #020: Jason Prater | Farmhouse

Farmhouse, the rising design powerhouse, sports the creative minds Ben Fant and Jason Prater. Jason came onto the podcast to chat Farmhouse, amazing clients, how to not get to close to your work, the no longer existent Commercial Appeal niche pubs department, and shares his amazing bourbon with the boys. Settle in for a fun time, but don’t forget to head over to their website and check out their fantastic portfolio.


Eddie Bernays | Propoganda

Correction! It was not Malcolm Gladwell, it was Seth Godin that wrote Tribes. Here’s the Link

“Human beings, we tend to do things that do makes sense every once and a while if you give us enough opportunity.”

Commercial Appeal Niche pubs
Holly Whitfield
Anna Mullins – High Ground

Working fast under pressure makes you feel that your work can be less precious.

On being a designer and pricing – “It’s up to use to demonstrate the value of what we do, so that we can command what it’s worth.”

“Clients want results. That’s the only value they know to put on what we do.”

Mood boards

Mad Men – Don Draper

“Stop giving me what I’m telling you to give me and give me what I want.”

Bauhaus – Bauhaus chairs


Find the center

[Andrew’s new calligraphy pen]

Art Center

New star wars trailer

Star Trek 1 & 2
– Blonde girl fanservice
– Cumberbatch Kahn

Smaug interview w/ Colbert

Pappy Van Winkle

Bourbon country

Joe’s liquor growler station

Pepsi Universe



Graham Reese

Some Farmhouse Clients:
Tamp & Tap
Oshi Burger
Bounty on Broad
2012 on Broad
Love Pop
Midtown Truck Stop

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