Episode #037: Jack Simon | BristerFest

Jack Simon has grown Bristerfest​ into a local celebration of family-friendly music, vendors, and artwork. This year’s production is free to the public and we hope to see all of you there. Learn from Jack’s magic board method to turn your cloudy thoughts and pull them into reality.

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October 10th, 11am – 6pm
Overton Square Tower Courtyard

Create Your Culture by Jack Simon – unedited version

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Andrew: Do one thing everyday that scares you. – Eleanor Roosevelt
Billy: Action is the foundational key to all successes. – Pablo Picasso


I’ve got a book, it’s all about turning dreams into reality. #Createyourculture  – Jack Simon

What’s my secret? Whiteboards, notecards, just write it down  – Jack Simon

I’m an entrepreneur too, so you gotta put your mind right and figure out how to invest your money  – Jack Simon

Bristerfest is free this year, for the first time!  – Jack Simon

Our mission is to throw an amazing festival that benefits the community  – Jack Simon @growmemphis

I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for @GrowMemphis  – Jack Simon

By doing the fest we get to support local artists, and the environment  – Jack Simon

Checked out Memphis, love the vibe, love the feel, love the barbecue  – Jack Simon

Anytime there was a show I was like, hey what can I do to help. #thehustle  – Jack Simon

It was crazy balancing school and running festival. I skipped class to promote the event  – Jack Simon

At what point should a college start supporting a student’s entrepreneurial venture?  – Jack Simon

The Entrepreneurial Center at @UofM was a huge help in getting Brister Fest off the ground  – Jack Simon

The whole process of starting Bristerfest was so organic, it feels like we didn’t even try  – Jack Simon

We had a shed in our backyard we basically turned into a venue  – Jack Simon

We had nothing to lose, so I called some friends, talked to @levittshell and put the first Brister Fest together  – Jack Simon

Our little house party evolved into a large public event  – Jack Simon

@levittshell has really taken it to the next level #bristerfest  – Jack Simon

We weren’t planning on doing a festival, but everyone kept asking when we were doing the next one  – Jack Simon

you gotta count your blessings. If you want to live a happy life you gotta count all the things your grateful for  – Jack Simon

See how to turn ideas into reality with  – Jack Simon’s book Create your culture

It’s not real until there’s a deadline  – Jack Simon

How do you take an idea that’s up in the ether and make it real? @witzcreative – Jack Simon

When you write it down, you make it real  – Jack Simon

As soon as you write it down, you start to bring your ideas to life, then you visualize and make it even more real  – Jack Simon

Human beings are uniquely capable of manifesting their ideas in physical form @witzcreative  – Jack Simon

Don’t give up  – Jack Simon

Want to get into event planning? Learn how to be a good communicator  – Jack Simon

How do you pay your rent when you’re trying to follow your passion? You can’t pay with your heart.  – Jack Simon

There has to be a way to translate your idea into money #billstopay  – Jack Simon

I’ve always invested everything I made back into business  – Jack Simon

What’s more important when starting a business? Lifestyle vs. User Needs  – Jack Simon

Be a creative problem solver, that’s what entrepreneurship is about  – Jack Simon

Everything you need to know is online. #thankgodfortheinternet  – Jack Simon

I now have a tool where I can help people live their dreams  – Jack Simon

One of the things I love about Memphis is you walk outside and it smells awesome #friedchicken #bbq  – Jack Simon

Come out to BristerFest, it’s gonna be a good time  – Jack Simon


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