Episode #053: Kurt Perschke | Red Ball Project

Through Red Ball Project sculptor Kurt Perschke views each city as an opportunity to provide citizens creative interaction. Memphians saw their space afresh as the project rolled through town. Catch our episode where Kurt shares on Red Ball, Memphis, and avoiding the law by hiding in plain sight.

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Andrew “Creativity is knowing how to hide your sources” ― C.E.M. Joad[3:55]
Billy “Doors are for people with no imagination.” ― Derek Landy

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#RedBallProject is an art project that needs a lot of production- Kurt Perschke

Let’s play guess how much the #RedBallProject ball weighs? Listen here to find out- Kurt Perschke

The ball is not a safety device #safetyfirst #naturalselection- Kurt Perschke

#redballproject is like a performance meets a sculpture- Kurt Perschke

Here more about the #redballproject and how the ball totally didn’t get loose in Toledo- Kurt Perschke

I did a 24 AMA on @Reddit, little did I know they don’t end unless you end them- Kurt Perschke

I applied for a number of grants and was about to give up before they came to me with a project #originstory- Kurt Perschke

This guy had the presence of mind to take photos while the ball rolled over his car- Kurt Perschke

Of course I chose the option they didn’t want me to- Kurt Perschke

I drew it… and laughed so I decided to show it to them- Kurt Perschke

This ain’t no one city deal- Kurt Perschke

I took what I earned from my first iteration and self-funded a trip to Barcelona- Kurt Perschke

At the very first site we were waiting to get arrested, but it was so ridiculous they all assumed we were supposed to be there- Kurt Perschke

A little street kid put a sticker on the ball, but came back the next day to take it off and apologize- Kurt Perschke

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