Episode #066: Billy & Andrew | Holiday+Outtakes 2016

Andrew and Billy discuss the robot uprising, you get to peek under the hood of our easter egg creation process, we Climbax to the MAX, and enjoy acts of random outtakes!

And we’re back, sort of, I’m Billy Nation and this is episode 66 of the Creative Memphis Podcast. Season greetings and thank you for tuning in.

This is our 2016 holiday outtakes episode! At the end of every year we run an episode collecting clips from throughout the year that include bloopers, errant conversations, and workshopping Easter eggs.

Retired co-host Andrew Lebowtiz features heavily in addition to some featured guests behind the scenes conversations.

We’ll still be on hiatus through the beginning of 2017, but I’ll work at having a few afterthoughts from previous guests out in that mean time. Sadly, Schedule is still subject to randomness.

Thank you for tuning in this 2016 year, we will broadcast back to you in 2017.

Thank you so much. You are the reason this show continues. Your support, listening to episodes, and sharing with others passionate about Memphis and it’s creative scene helps boost the show, keep momentum, and ensure this project keeps rolling. Something that’s been mentioned in a few recent episodes this year is I’m engaged. Aaaand, because I’m CMP’s main operator these days our feature creative segments are going to take short hiatus so that I might both enjoy this upcoming holiday season, my wedding, honeymoon, and our first times as a newly married couple. But fear not, feature guest segments will be back in early-ish 2017!

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