Episode #034: Lisa Michaels, musician/comedian

Lisa Michaels is a fabulous musician and comedian who explored Memphis in her past life and came back recently and is making a splash. In this episode we discover her past, her transgender journey, phoniex like arrival, and finding happiness in Memphis. Lisa knows how to make a grand entrance, capture your attention on stage, and create unique experiences you will treasure. Sit back and enjoy this revealing episode.

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Don’t be Afraid of the Comedy
8:15pm at the Hi-Tone

OUTloud Comedy Showcase and Open Mic
Aug 14 at MGLCC starting at nine fifteen

Night Works comedy show hosted by Katrina Coleman
Sept 4 at Theater Works starts at Midnight

Lady Parts Justice From V To Shining V at Ernestine & Hazel’s
Sept 26

Brenda Starlight

Fino’s on the Hill

Huey’s Midtown

Millington, TN

Germantown, TN

Hammer toe surgery

Gender dysphoria

US post office


Gender reassignment surgery
Laser hair removal – electrolysis, 200 hours

Moved back to mountains of San Merdina, 5,000 ft.
When she came to Memphis this is where comfort in her own acceptance and comfort arose.

Grand Mal seizure




Memphis Roller Derby
– want to join the NSOs, refs, or skaters? Email Billy.

Katrina Coleman – CMP episode w/Katrina

Jerry King

Aftermarket Vagina’s – comedy set by Lisa Michaels

Memphis Flyer

Beale St.

Joyce Henderson

“Gimme one reason”



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  1. Kim Lystra

    I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa about 5 years ago at a mutual friends house.She is an amazing person very open with who she is and an absolute joy to be around. Thanks to her I am able to handle the fact that my child is transgender ( at the time of our visit my kid didn’t even know he was so Lisa help me and didn’t even know she was).

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