Episode #038: Melissa Sweazy, Writer-Director

A homegrown dreamer that moved away in the midst of college times and other-than-Memphisly exploration, Melissa and family came back out of necessity, but found a different city. People were breathing life into their crazy ideas and that showed hope for making her dream of film making happen. Not in L.A., but in the big 901 instead. First “John’s Farm” in 2013 and this year with “The Department of Signs and Magical Intervention” which you can catch at this year’s Indie Memphis.

Melissa Sweazy.com
John’s Farm: vimeo on demand
Dept of Signs be shown in the Hometowner Narrative #1 during Indie Memphis
Nov 4, 6 – 8 PM, at the Halloran Centre for Performing Arts

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Indie Memphis – tickets!
November 3rd – 10th

Indie Memphis connects and inspires indie filmmakers and film-lovers through the unique creative landscape that is the home of the Blues and the birthplace of Rock ‘n’ Roll.
This year’s festival runs during the evenings of November 3rd through the 10th at Circuit Playhouse & Studio on the Square near in the Overton Square area as well as the brand new Halloran Center in Downtown Memphis right next to the Orpheum. You can go to indiememphis.com for more details, tickets/passes, and a run down on this year’s amazing selection of films.

Billy: You must do the thing you think you cannot do.- Eleanor Roosevelt
Andrew:  Life is trying things to see if they work. – Ray Bradbury


Key takeaway from @creativeworks: DO SHIT! Especially what you want to do #makeithappen @witzcreative

Check out @idiememphis film festival this year, and some of their sweet creative done by @witzcreative

Be sure to check out The Department of Signs and Magical intervention by @melissa during @indiememphis

You end up in Memphis for one of two reasons, you were born here or love @melissa

Do you actually know what all those buttons do? #soundboards #makingitupaswego @witzcreative

It looks impressive, and that’s all that matters @witzcreative

Any audio engineers out there that actually know how sound works? #whatdoesasoundwavelooklike

I left Memphis and I was never coming back, so of course I came back… @melissa

My theory is everyone got priced out of other cities, but were motivated to make it happen and Memphis was their blank slate @melissa

I love being surrounded by successful creative people @melissa

It’s not hard to get the meeting you need in Memphis #onedegreeofseparation #smallpond


After 2008 there was an awesome reflux of people back to Memphis @melissa

Memphis felt very small growing up, everyone knew who you were @melissa

It’s hard to figure out who you are when everyone around you thinks they know who you are @melissa

You have to be able to separate to get your own identity @melissa

Memphis is a destination now @melissa

There’s an amazing history and intrigue surrounding memphis @melissa

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