Ben Smith, chef

Episode #016: Ben Smith, chef/owner Tsunami

A one week introductory class in Asian cuisine was enough to spark an intense interest that would later drive Ben Smith to open his own restaurant in the heart of Cooper-Young. The conversation with Ben ranged from his experience teaching at L’ecole Culinaire, his own learning experience, what it’s like to live and work in Hawaii, and how he came to open a restaurant in Memphis. The people who make your food are not who you think they are.

Tsunami Memphis
Tsunami farmer’s market

How NOT to fry a turkey
How TO fry a turkey

L’ecole Culinaire Memphis

Culinary Institute of Americahyde park new york

Johnson & Wales

New England Culinary Academy

The kitchen – land of the misbegotten

Stage – stagier. French for “You’re ass is mine for free.” – rough translation

the economy of utilization


Brazil butcher chart  v US butcher chart


T-shirt – White People food


Pacific Heights, San Fransisco

Don’t be afraid to cook for your chef friends

Alice Waters

Jeremiah TowerStars

Alice Spring Camel Cip

YouTube camel running

Lanai island, HI

Pineapple – sugarloaf

Spam – “Hawaiian steak”
Spam fried rice
Spam musubi
Spam saimin
Spam and eggs
Monty Python – Spam

Thomas BoggsHuey’s Bio
Half Shell
Memphis Restaurant Association

Ben Smith Sea bass

Tsunami farmer’s market


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