Episode #048: Eric Clausen, artist

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A many varied soul, Eric Clausen has traveled the U.S. via bicycle, sampled science, vacated the desk job life, and plunged the depths of tandem drinking and drawing. Fascinated with how line creates form, he has brought a passion for illustration, painting, and art to the public. Time to sit back and get drawn in with Eric C.
Planet Nine: Displacement March 4 – April 11
Opening Night Friday, March 4 at 6 PM at Marshall Arts
Saturday, March 12 at 8 PM at Marshall Arts

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Episode #047: Doug Gillon, Tuesday Show Comedy

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Homegrown Doug Gillon trekked allover the world just to came back to Memphis and share great insights with you through comedy, Emceeing, and deft arts of marketing. Join Gillon skies as we move through China, the video game industry, our friend freelancing, and on to discovering new paths.
February 23rd, 8pm at the Brass Door
Tuesday Show is in Love with Rob Love, Mary Beth Poppins, Mark Brimble, and Nashville’s Mary Jay Berger, Josh Wagner and Brad Sativa!

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Episode #046: Haley Morris-Cafiero, Photography

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In 2013 Haley Morris-Cafiero’s public self portrait project, Wait Watchers, went viral appearing on Huffington Post, CBS News, and more. We learn how she morphed the viral reaction to her work back into the project, eventually making a nearly sold out book from that interaction.

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Episode #045: Barry Wolverton, author

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Barry Wolverton has been helping to create books, documentary television, and online content until landing a deal with his publisher, Walden Pond Press. His first novel, Neversink, was about a Puffin, but this Wolverton is set to blow you away with book one of the Chronicles of the Black Tulip, The Vanishing Island.
Neversink on Harper-Collins
The Vanishing Island on Harper-Collins

[Suggested Episode – Todd Richardson]

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Episode #042: Brit McDaniel | Paper & Clay

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Brit McDaniel’s Paper & Clay pottery evokes mid-century modern Scandinavian minimalism wrapped up in useful life style accessories. She advocates for raising the level of quality Memphis creatives are known for. Having taken her own winding road to find that path fuels Brit’s drive for progress.

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Episode #041: Rebecca Phillips & Caitlin Horton, Memphis Type History

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Memphis Type History started as illustrated paintings which lead to a successful Kickstarter which lead to a book deal, but that changes! Listen from the fabulous ladies of Memphis Type, Rebecca Phillips & Caitlin Horton, on that evolution and the serendipity there after. The typography of Memphis has a story to tell and so do Rebecca and Caitlin.
Memphis Type History
Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Interested in collaborating with @MemphisType? email them at memphistypehistory@gmail.com

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Episode #040: Sean Mosley, Spillit storyteller / podcaster

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Sean Mosley hails from Michigan, came to Memphis for family, and later discovered Spillit Memphis. Through stage storytelling he’s grown in a way that’s introduced a new perspective for his experiences in life. It’s that opportunity to share a part of himself through storytelling and taking away that same element from others that can be a catalyst. Listen as Sean explains those moments.

Spillit Story Grand Slam 2015: M-E-M-P-H-I-S
Friday, November 20 at 7:00pm
Location: Crosstown Strip

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Episode #039: Michelle Duckworth, illustrator

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Michelle Duckworth’s illustrations are often inspired by fairy tales, but she enjoys sharing those vignettes where you could imagine anything with a whimsical and slightly peculiar slant. We discuss her designing sets of Opera Memphis, classic client talk, and traversing artist markets in Memphis. Catch a ride and enjoy as she explains the adventure.

What is a Duckworth?
Facebook | Blogspot | Etsy

Wilderness Children
Nov 3 – 29, Memphis Botanic Gardens
Opening Reception: Nov 8th, 3-5pm

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