Episode #047: Doug Gillon, Tuesday Show Comedy

Homegrown Doug Gillon trekked allover the world just to came back to Memphis and share great insights with you through comedy, Emceeing, and deft arts of marketing. Join Gillon skies as we move through China, the video game industry, our friend freelancing, and on to discovering new paths.
February 23rd, 8pm at the Brass Door
Tuesday Show is in Love with Rob Love, Mary Beth Poppins, Mark Brimble, and Nashville’s Mary Jay Berger, Josh Wagner and Brad Sativa!

Memphis Comedy Fest

March 31 – April 3rd

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Andrew “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better” – Samuel Beckett
Billy “Hope is the heartbeat of the soul” – Michelle Horst

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I have been doing awesome! @douggillon

The freedom of freelance is awesome, but I can I get a job so I can do this comedy thing @douggillon

I might do PR in the Morning, Copywriting before lunch, and design in the afternoon #smallfirmperks @douggillon

When we started the Tuesday Show we just walked in and started a show @douggillon

We met the owners and told them what we wanted to do, and they were like yea sure whatever @douggillon

35 shows were sold out last year at the Comedy Fest. Best get your tickets now! @douggillon @MemphisComedy

Shout out to @holtermonster for the awesome work for the Comedy Festival @douggillon

We had over 300 submissions for the @ComedyFestival this yearl @douggillon

We want comics that are funny first and foremost @douggillon

There’s different kinds of comedy and at festivals there’s kind of this alt skew @douggillon

Everyone gets a chance to express themselves the way they want to @douggillon

1 + 1 = Funny #proprietary @douggillon

How do you get a bunch of comedians to laugh? @witzcreative @douggillon

I played the xylophone #drowninginit @douggillon

Xylophone, sounds like it starts with a z but it starts with an x, that’s a complex instrument @witzcreative to @douggillon

Xylophone, it’s a piano you hit with sticks @douggillon

I won a storytelling contest in 4th grade #youjelly? @douggillon

Would you rather teach in Korea or Shang Hai? @douggillon

.@BrianKelsey you are the worst @douggillon

I’ve always stayed busy doing something, with various levels of success in all of them @douggillon

You get caught up with what you/re in #whatwasgoingthroughyourmind #humanaspect @douggillon

Were you excited when you pumped your fist? No, I just do that @douggillon

He said, wow, that’s actually a good question @douggillon #mostimpressive #lookwhoaskedagoodquestion

I don’t wanna be the kind of person who steps back and said I did this or I did that because I’m creative it’s just how I think @douggillon

#needtobeheard #needtobeexpressed #notadick

I was a copywriter, that’s what I knew how to do, but it wasn’t enough to pay the bills @douggillon

If you’ve succeeded at anything, especially as an adult, you realize failure is the first step towards success @douggillon

Most comedians want to be heard more than they want to be loved @douggillon

Dicks are weird, and politics suck #GillionForPresident @douggillon

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