Episode #046: Haley Morris-Cafiero, Photography

In 2013 Haley Morris-Cafiero’s public self portrait project, Wait Watchers, went viral appearing on Huffington Post, CBS News, and more. We learn how she morphed the viral reaction to her work back into the project, eventually making a nearly sold out book from that interaction.

Billy “There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls.” George Carlin

I’m jealous that people care enough about you to hate you @witzcreative w/ @hmorriscafiero

I just try to neutralize the negative with something positive @hmorriscafiero

My father was in retail, which was like the fake military of the eighties @hmorriscafiero #wemovedalot

Get your copy of Wait Watchers by @hmorriscafiero at haleymorriscafiero.com

The book includes several of the comments I’ve received from emails and blogs @hmorriscafiero

There is a blog dedicated to how ugly I am @hmorriscafiero

I wanted to be a lawyer, I liked the idea of solving the case and everyone goes free @hmorriscafiero

All of these things where there are formulas really bored me, so I tried ceramics @hmorriscafiero

The second the paper went in the developer I was hooked, it was like drugs @hmorriscafiero

I enjoyed the aspect of helping people through teaching @hmorriscafiero

I said I was going to apply to one grad school and see how it goes @hmorriscafiero

I graded a contemporary art history course so I could learn art history @hmorriscafiero

You can affect someone immediately through teaching @hmorriscafiero

I just happened to email @MemphisArt and asked if they needed anything and they were like sure @hmorriscafiero

She asked me, What would you be doing if you weren’t doing these sculptures? @hmorriscafiero

She told me to follow her and she walked me to the dumpster, opened the lid, and told me to throw my work in @hmorriscafiero

Have you ever thrown out your students work? @witzcreative

You need somebody to help you destroy something in order to make something better @hmorriscafiero

I want to help people figure out how to solve the problem, but I don’t want them to create works that looks like mine @hmorriscafiero

One on one is when I’m tough @hmorriscafiero #stepintomyoffice

How do you balance your personal aesthetic and your students aesthetic @hmorriscafiero

I get so excited when my students make work that embodies all of their knowledge @hmorriscafiero #doesntmatterifIdontlikeit

The camera is a tool @hmorriscafiero

i set up a tripod in times square, surrounded by beautiful food advertising, and ads that punish you for not being skinny @hmorriscafiero

Anonymity is for everyone @hmorriscafiero

You can stare at the photo and create your own narrative #itsaboutthegaze @hmorriscafiero

It’s about the gaze, about capturing that @hmorriscafiero

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