Episode #035: Funlola Coker, Sculptor (of tiny things)

Funlola Coker of Gnomeore Crafts is a maker of tiny things such as miniature foods, jewelry, and gnomes! Coming to the US from Lagos, Nigeria​ Funlola was attending Memphis College of Art​ when her parents surprised her with the potential for #citizenship in the United States​. Listen as she details citizenship, how her first year of full-time self employment has been progressing, and how she balances life with her toaster oven.

Website- http://www.gnomeorecrafts.com/
Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/funlola.coker
Instagram- https://instagram.com/gnomeore_crafts/ OR @gnomeore_crafts
Tumblr- http://gnomeorecrafts.tumblr.com/
Pinterest- https://www.pinterest.com/gnomeore/
Etsy Shop  - https://www.etsy.com/shop/GnomeoreCrafts

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Cooper Young Festival
September 19th

Memphis Flyer Crafts & Drafts
November 14 at Crosstown Arts Flea Market

Winter Arts
November – December at Saddle Creek in Germantown

Souther College of Optometry
Church Health Center

Funlola has been full-time artist since March 2015.

Where did tiny food come from? – “I was bored one summer.”
Fire those? – “Yeah,  just kinda bake them in a toaster oven.”

From Lagos, Nigeria

Tiny foods and miscommunications


“I do like being my own boss and having my own hours.”

Noodles and grains of rice take some of the most time.

Pizzaterian – surviving upon pizza alone

Sold her tiny food (cupcake) earrings at Muddy’s.

Would culinary learning change or evolve sculptures process or imagery?

What is it about Memphis that keeps you here? Memphis is cheap to live in, she wanted to explore/understand Memphis more

Plans on traveling and selling on the road. – Atlanta (at a roller derby bout)


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