Episode #022: Brian Wentzloff | Musistic

The many varied soul Brian Wentzloff came onto the podcast and we traverse several passions. Chiefly, Brian is a partner in Musistic, a simple to use plug-in that works across nearly all digital audio platforms allowing limitless creative audio collaboration. We also discuss crypto-currency, the alluring digital economy, Brian+friends ‘entrepreneur’s outlook’ on their own podcast, LSSR, and what it was like going through the seed hatchery experience in Memphis.




Downtown Memphis map

Loaded for bear


seed hatchery accelerator


A>M ventures

Online social networks – Chicken and the egg syndrome
No one is going to use a social network if there’s not anyone on there, so nobody joins.

Adobe Audition


University of Memphis – Music recording technology

Startup – podcast

Ep 20 – with Jason Prater

“It’s the new Twitter”

Teens not on Facebook

Emerge Memphis

Learn to Network

LSSR Podcast

American Podcast Corporation
Alex Blumberg
Planet Money Podcast
This American Life

Adam Corolla – Podcast Patent Trolling

Game of Thrones (tv)
Game of Thrones (books)
Difference between the books and tv show
GOT podcasts
No book in 2015
World of Ice and Fire
Game of Thrones (Graphic Novel)

Musistic intructional videos


The Patent Wars
Copyright lawyers

Drinking age and highway funds connected
Do you like havin’ roads Louisiana (t-shirt? on 2nd thought, meh)

Crypto-currency meetup group – MemTech Meetup group
1st Monday of every month
Co-Work Memphis, @ 7pm

How to get a crypto wallet
Crypto currency values
forex markets (click at your own mental health risk)
Block chain technology

How economics works – faith in value

“Mark of the Bitcoin”


MemTech community

Hack-a-thon in Chicago

Eric Matthews

Drawing on the Right side of the Brain

Lean  production style

“Not enough time to do it right, but always enough time to do it over.”

Loading Ready Run – MSDOS

Linux – Red Hat

Open Source

ProTools expert podcast

Designing for Behavior Change

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