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Episode #017: Dana James Mwangi | Cheers Creative

Dana made the jump from in-house designer to rogue freelance designer for hire and Cheers Creative has been soaring ever since. Dana’s unique approach includes educating the client about design, the process being a team effort between designer and client, and finding the right fit for both client and designer. In this episode we talk shop, praise and shame Adobe, and doing the right work with the right people.

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The answer is 42

Halle Berry Scary Movie (Gothika)

The Highest Good (Summum bonum) 

Freud, the Ego and the Id

Rent a billboard

Andrew’s Senior Project

Average Art School Cost

AIGA Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud

History of Adobe products

Encapsulated Postscript (EPS)

Designers: Re: Educating your clients

Google Logo fix

Jessica Hische

Jessica Hische: Mailchimp rebrand

Learn Web Design: Code Academy | Code School | Code.org

Be mean to the intern? Andrew thinks so.
Dana is looking for an intern, apply here.

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