Ben Smith, chef

Episode #016: Ben Smith, chef/owner Tsunami

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A one week introductory class in Asian cuisine was enough to spark an intense interest that would later drive Ben Smith to open his own restaurant in the heart of Cooper-Young. The conversation with Ben ranged from his experience teaching at L’ecole Culinaire, his own learning experience, what it’s like to live and work in Hawaii, and how he came to open a restaurant in Memphis. The people who make your food are not who you think they are.

Tsunami Memphis
Tsunami farmer’s market

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Episode #015: Josh Horton | Creative Works

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With a setup 10 years in the making Josh Horton, home grown designer from Memphis, brought massive talent from across the country to Memphis and dubbed the event Creative Works. Josh came to design through stages of exploration including medical practice, business development, and sound engineering. It was through sound engineering he fueled the possibility for design, left Memphis, learned he could make a living at it, and later came back to champion the celebration of Memphis and the catalyst that is creativity.

Hieroglyph | Shop
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Creative Works
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Episode #014: Todd Richardson | Crosstown Arts

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Ground breaking for Crosstown Arts is coming up and Todd Richardson came onto the podcast to discuss. We learn about the past five years of development, future plans, some floor plans, and how it all came together. Surprising to hear just how well things went during planning phases from great reception, to partners with similar plans, and how having art history background worked in Todd’s favor. Crosstown wants you to know that you too can be a part of this historic building, they will be looking for residents to help occupy what looks to be a premier culture center in Memphis.
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Crosstown Events Calendar

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Episode #013: Erik Jambor | Indie Memphis

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Erik Jambor is executive director of Indie Memphis. One of the city’s core arts institutions, Indie Memphis connects and inspires indie filmmakers and film-lovers through the unique creative landscape that is the home of the Blues and the birthplace of Rock ‘n’ Roll. In this episode Erik takes us behind the scenes, shares his passion for film creation, how he started a festival in Birmingham that continues today, the selection process for films, and how he became involved with Indie Memphis back in 1998. You’ll hear previews for films coming to this year’s festival, get the low down on other film initiatives that Indie Memphis takes part in, and why Erik’s first films had Jawas in them. This year Indie Memphis will take place at Playhouse on the Square, Circuit Playhouse, Hattiloo Theater, and Malco Studio on the Square. Indie Memphis is presented by Duncan-Williams.

Indie Memphis

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Episode #012: Virginia Murphy | Playback Memphis


Virginia Murphy explains the soul mending experience that is Playback Memphis. Playback Theatre is a unique collaboration — the audience shares a personal story or moment, then watches as Playback recreates that story with artistic shape and coherence. Playback brings stories to life and life to communities. Creative, heal thyself.

Playback Memphis
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Next Event: November 14th-15th
Theater South in Memphis

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Episode #009: Shannon Cable | Shove it designs

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Awesome human being and just a well rounded person, Shannon Cable came onto the podcast and blew our minds with Buddhism, growing up in contrasting cultures, invention through necessity, the generation behind Shove It Designs, and skater culture in Memphis. Plus, we managed to once again debate the finer points of Basquiat, can’t be tired of that yet.

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Episode #008: Leandra Urrutia, sculptor | MCA

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Leandra Urrutia, accomplished drafter, sculptor, teacher, eternal student, and Memphis Roller Derby girl. All kinds of nuggets and recurring themes. Market yourself, no one else will. Never stop learning, constantly push to progress more. Respect those who teach or else we’ll be without them. Also, being an artist, it takes a toll on the body, so be careful.
Saturday, August 9 at 6:00pm – 940 Early Maxwell Blvd, Memphis, Tennessee 38104
Leandra’s website –

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Episode #007: Matt Ladner, developer | AIGA

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Matt Ladner! Three designers get together and shockingly they talk design! Memphis design people, the changing scene and life of Memphis, water in video games, running in Memphis, Matt’s time at Lockheed Martin, ‘Millenials’ turning around and producing the culture, and about just how different GEN NET(!) is.

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